Donnerstag, 17. August 2017

Montag, 5. Juni 2017

One day with Eric Kästle

Such a nice day with my friends Markus Schwital, Jimmy Biondi, Axel Kästle and his family :-)
Thanks to his brother Eric Kästle for filming us and edit this awesome video!

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Fight the Winter 2017 - Göttingen

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Kevin Nikulski
3rd Wolfgang Sauter
4th Davis Dudelis
5th Francesco Pekeno
6th Dan Hennig
7th Gilles Van De Sompel
8th Bert Ribul
9th Rayk Hahne
10th Martin Drazil
11th Dustyn Alt
12th Markus Schwital
13th John Krämer
14th Sebastian Grubinger
15th Markus Reich
16th Laev Erik